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Sideloading for Everyone

Discover apps that push the boundaries of iOS.

A New Way to Sideload

AltStore is an app store designed for sideloading. Every app in AltStore gets a beautifully generated store page with detailed information to make sideloading fun and easy. Browse apps from trusted developers, or add additional "sources" to further increase your options.

Plus, AltStore is made with security in mind. You can view a full list of an app's permissions from its store page, and AltStore will even automatically alert you if they change so you can sideload with confidence.

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Self-Published Apps

Anyone can distribute their apps with AltStore. All you need is to make a “source”, which you can do by hosting a text file with basic information about your apps. Users can then enter your source URL in AltStore and your apps will automatically appear.

Follow our complete guide to create your own source and start distributing your apps in minutes!

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By Indies — For Indies

AltStore is an open-source project developed by a dedicated team of two. We are supported entirely by donations from our community and you can follow along with our progress on GitHub.

We’re continuously working on new updates for our apps, and you can try out in-development features by joining our Patreon.

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AltStore, Delta, and Clip are properties of AltStore LLC and are in no way associated with Nintendo Co., Ltd. or Apple Inc.

AltStore PAL

Available only in the European Union. Requires iOS 17.4 or later.
€1.50/year + VAT
Your subscription covers Apple's Core Technology Fee, payment processing, and server costs.

Don't want to pay, or not in the EU? Download the version of AltStore below.

AltStore (World)

Requires AltServer to install. Follow our step-by-step Install Guide
AltServer macOS

Requires macOS 11 or later

For macOS 10.14 and 10.15, see our FAQ

AltServer Windows

Requires Windows 10 or later

“[AltStore] is clever, has been verified by other developers, and the service has an active community of thousands of users who side-load apps on their devices. For the past few weeks, I’ve been one of them.”
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Experience Apps like Never Before

AltStore allows apps to exist on iOS that may not otherwise.

Apple doesn't allow all apps on their store, so AltStore gives those apps a chance.